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1932 Jordache Court
Gastonia, NC, 28052
United States

(704) 864 2470


Special SEMA Shop Pricing
The JUMBO has been the premier lift in its class since its introduction in 1999 and has plenty of great features such as:
  • Ramps that lock out to increase the lifting area from 59” to 81” easily accessing difficult lifting points.
  • Oil immersed motor that is strong, quiet, cleam and carries a 7 year warranty.
  • Lowest & highest lifting heights on the market at 4” and 78”.
  • Available in a 9000lb version with a 5” low lifting height.
The SPRINTER has the features necessary to lift todays vehicles with accuracy and safety such as:
  • Ramps increase lifting area from 55” to 79” to access difficult lifting points.
  • A unique system allows lift to be lowered for complete portability.
  • Oil immersed motor that is strong, quiet, clean and carries a 7 year warranty.
  • “Fire-Galvanized” platforms and ramps preventing rust for the life of the lift.

The Nussbaum team would like to thank you for visiting us this year at SEMA, we appreciate the time you took to stop by our booth and hope you enjoyed the show as much as we did. To show you how grateful we are, we’re inviting you to visit our brand-new SEMA Shop! This exciting new website includes special pricing on our featured lifts, the SPRINTER mid-rise & JUMBO double-scissor full-rise lift. Our new website will only be available for a limited time so we encourage you to take advantage of this offer while you can.
With over 75 years of experience and 33 years spent in the US market, our family owned company aims to provide you with the best lifting equipment in the world. Quality materials and quality manufacturing are the keys to creating Nussbaum lifts that will outlast the rest.
On behalf of The Nussbaum Automotive Solutions team, we thank you for your support and hope our lifts will fit your needs. For further questions regarding any of our products feel free to give us a call or email.
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